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South Africa 2013

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by Rev. Wayne Gardner



I arrived in Johannesburg South Africa Feb. 4, 2013 to begin this ministry tour

with Pastor Ron & Rina Kinnear. I began on the 5th at Haakdoornboom Bible

School Campus, teaching 5 hour daily sessions for 4 days. I also preached at

Sunnyside Bible Campus in downtown Pretoria one evening for a total of 2

hours. On the evenings of the 5th and 7th, I had the privilege of being a guest

on a popular radio show in South Africa called “Radio Pulpit” with Pastor

MacMillian and host Pastor Ray Legodi, in Northern Pretoria. The topic of

the show was “False Religion and The Resurrection”.

After the Friday sessions at Haakdoornboom I traveled to Mooinooi, where I

stayed at the Grace Point Guest House (who donated the accommodations and meals). I preached to a

youth group of about 35 students, and there were 6 first time salvations and 29 re-dedications in the

service. The following day, Saturday the 9th, I preached in a tent church for Pastor Shadrack. We had a

powerful meeting with a great move of the Holy Ghost. Sunday morning, Pastor John Bam drove me to

Rustenberg to preach at his wonderful church where there were over 300 people in attendance. God was

moving in His mighty power and 8 where saved and 54 re-dedicated their life to Christ. Many others

came for prayer and a touch from on high! Immediately after service I was taken to Pretoria for an

evening service to preach the life changing word of God. It was an older

congregation and God’s power came in such a mighty way that a man of

70 years shook under the power of God, crying, as God delivered him

from the oppression he had been bound in for many, many years. Others

were touched and received what they had been seeking for years. God was

powerfully removing the bars, chains, and shackles which bound them.

One on crutches was overcome with the magnificent move of God in his

body. Though we did not see his healing manifest in the meeting, I am

believing and trusting God to hear a report he has since been healed. The

entire congregation received relief from the hurt and pain of a split that had caused confusion in their

midst. The pastor of 10 months has been trusting God to breathe life into the church again.

On the morning of the 11th, I traveled to Johannesburg to meet missionary Jill Marshall. We drove 4

hours south to Ignite South Africa Headquarters in Harrismith. I was introduced to June and Amanda,

staff members of Ignite and taken to my very nice accommodations, that were attached to the Ministry

Headquarters. The next day I traveled to an extremely poor area of South Africa called Qwa Qwa, to

teach ministers who, in many cases, never had the opportunity for a formal Bible education. I, and a

South African Pastor, ministered all day with certificates of completion being distributed to the

participants. The following day I spent the sessions teaching the school coaches of Ignite, to further

their education and extend their ministry experience to aid in their work with the youth of Qwa, Qwa.

Ignite South Africa trusts God, week by week, to meet their ministry needs. God has been faithful, even

though at times it has come in the final hour. Ignite actively ministers to 4,000 students in 8 schools,

winning many to Christ and discipling hundreds every year. As Field Director of CGE, I can say that Jill

Marshall and Ignite Africa are a sterling example of a successful organization that is upholding the

covenant we agreed to and doing the work of the ministry.

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