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Reflecting on the Year 2010

Posted by: In: From the Fellowship, From The President 26 Dec 2010 Comments: 0

As I look back on the year 2010 I believe The Fellowship has made a commitment to reach out to the younger generation. From God’s perspective every generation must be impacted by the gospel, and it is the responsibility of the older generation to reach the younger generation with the gospel. This means we cannot wait for the next generation to come to us, we must take the gospel to them. It is our responsibility to present the gospel in a way that they can receive it.

The gospel is applicable to every generation, and if we follow the Holy Spirit we will find that every generation is able to work together. Every church or ministry needs all ages in order to be a healthy ministry. The older generation needs the zeal, vision and energy of the next generation and the next generation needs the wisdom and guidance of the older generation.

We must hear from the Holy Spirit on how we can reach the next generation. What works in California to reach the next generation will probably not work in Georgia. What works in a Metro area will probably not work in a rural area. This means we will probably not be able to go to a conference to find out how to reach the next generation.

God’s purpose never changes, but His methods are continually changing. We in The Fellowship are looking at a number of areas and asking God to show us how to change in order to reach the next generation. Some of the areas we are praying about are music, technology, minorities, women, etc.

One thing we must always offer to the next generation is the moving of the Holy Spirit in great power and anointing.

May God richly bless you in the coming year.

Gene E. Evans, President

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