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Leadership’s Top Ten

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by Dr. David Robinson

(Part One)

1.  Must believe you and your leadership make a difference.

Everyone makes a difference.  The question is what kind and how much?  If you do not believe what you do matters, it will not.  Visionary leadership is about change that matters and makes a difference.  If nothing changes, you are not leading, you are managing.

The leader who has the most influence is the one who creates significant, substantial and sustainable change.  Without change, there is no difference.  Your leadership matters only if there is a positive difference after you move on.

2.  Others must believe in you.

If people do not believe in you, they will not believe your message, regardless if the message is true or valuable.  If they do not follow you willingly, they will not follow close for long or very far.  Charisma and compensation may attract people but only relational equity creates long-term commitment.

Relational equity is everything in leadership.  Relational equity is built on the following expectations people have for their leaders:

  • Integrity.  You tell the truth all the time and maintain strong ethical behavior in every situation.  You follow through on promises.
  • Vision.  With clarity and passion you create and lead a shared vision – not fulfill personal ambition.
  • Inspirational.  You know the difference between motivation and inspiration.  You are a hope dealer for tomorrow.
  • Competent.  You know what you are talking about and can do it.  You have the leadership skills for developing people and building teams that fulfill the vision.

3.  Your values are clear, simple and meaningful.

Values are the soil in which the seeds of your vision are planted, nurtured and matured.  You never commit to anything unless you see value.  If your personal values conflict with the team’s values, you become an actor and no longer a player.

Your title, office and position is not who you are, values are who you are.  Values create the environment in which you give leadership.  Conflicting values create most problems in any relationship.

4.  Your vision distinguishes your leadership.

Your ability to create, define and communicate the vision is what makes you a visionary leader.  If you spend more than 30% of your time looking through the microscope at the present, you are not a leader.  If you focus on what is, you produce more of what is.  If you focus on what could be, you produce more of what could be.  If you focus more on what could be rather than what is, you are a leader.

Vision provides meaning to what you do every day.  If what you do does not move you closer to the vision, why do it?

5.  You are a team builder and not a team user.

Jesus was the best – follow his model of the Twelve and the Seventy.  Visionary leadership is not selfish or done in isolation.  Your ability to build teams determines the width and depth of your influence and success.  If you cannot build a team, find one to join.

Building great teams through relational equity and vision is not accomplished through inspirational speaking but passionate listening.  You must understand the hearts and minds of your team members if you expect to keep their hands and feet during tough times and through the long haul.  Tone deaf leaders create negative emotions, confusion and eventually discord and strife.

Your team members must feel capable, confident and empowered.  Ask questions, listen with your heart, provide support, develop skills, create agreement, stay aligned and above all – make emotional connections.

Six through ten coming in June.


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