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“Leadership that Lasts a Lifetime & Beyond”, Part 1

Posted by: In: From the Fellowship 05 May 2011 Comments: 0

Invest Your Time with Winners

by Dr. David Robinson

Great leaders and the leadership they provide always involves a cause greater than themselves and extends beyond their lifetime. Sitting USA Presidents, as they near the end of their influence begin talking about their legacy, what they leave behind for the generations to come. Results leaders produce, good, average or poor, are the foundation upon which the next generation builds.

The next generation, will they be able to build on your foundation, or will they have to lay a new one? All great leaders want to leave behind a life and ministry that will give the next generation a head start on fulfilling their own destiny. They do not need a challenge so great that it requires laying a new foundation at best, or removing a lot of rubbish before they can even begin, at worst. Aka Nehemiah 4:10.

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