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By Rev. Steve Holder



Have you ever made the statement? “I sure wished I would have said, NO!”  I do not know of anyone who does not have some regrets when it comes to getting our ‘NO’S right.  In the story of Elizabeth and Zachariah who were told by God to name their baby “JOHN”.  We find family and friends pressuring them to stick with tradition over obeying God.  The family and friends were expecting the baby to be named after the Father or a least someone in the family.  Elizabeth and Zachariah stood up to tradition and peer expectations and said, “NO”, we are naming the baby, “JOHN”.  The family and friends even challenged there is no one in your family with that name.  Elizabeth and Zachariah stood their ground and said,  ”NO” we are obeying God.   It is ok to say “NO” to the flesh, to the devil and to the world.  It is ok to go against the flow with your “NO”. Getting our “NO”s right will eliminate regrets and add God’s favor and value to our personal journey of faith.  Finally make sure you are saying “NO” to the same things that God is saying “NO” to.

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