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Thank you for connecting with us on our website.  It is truly an honor to servant lead this incredible association of believers of like faith and spirit.  Whether you are a member or you are a guest looking for an association, we are here to assist you and/or your organization to reach your ministry dreams and goals.  


Steve-HolderIn the words of our Founder Gordon Lindsay, “We are not to be occupied with our feelings or symptoms, or our faith or lack of faith, but only with what God has said”.  It is clear that our founder was focused on “what God has said” concerning any matter or situation and as the current President I too want us to focus our efforts based upon what the Spirit is saying to us an association.  The Kingdom of God is always progressing and moving forward and the Spirit is the driving force.  My desire is to see “The Fellowship” advance by resourcing our ministries with fresh innovation to fulfill the great commission, by networking our ministries so that “iron can sharpen iron” and by mentoring the future generations to embrace the vision to be: A Spirit Empowered Community Advancing the Kingdom of God. While at the same time providing an IRS covering that will enable you to fulfill your Kingdom calling and cause.  


Again, Thank you for stopping by and let’s advance together.


In Fellowship,

Steve D. Holder


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