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Fear of Failure Creates Hesitant Leaders

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by Dr. David Robinson



The fear of failure is the number one cause of not setting goals.  It’s also the number one reason preventing many leaders from winning.  You always learn more from failure than success.  Success builds confidence – if you learn from it.  Failure builds your faith – if you learn from it.  In the end, it’s not about winning and losing but about learning.  The gap between winning and losing is where real learning takes place.  However, you must utilize what you have learned not just discuss what did or didn’t take place.

Average leaders are usually just as smart and talented as great leaders, but great leaders simply exercise more confidence and courage.  Courage and confidence go together if you want to win on a frequent basis.

Great leaders know how to instill the same confidence and courage they have in their team.  They allow no superstars, regardless of how gifted or talented, because they know Superstars never win championships.  Winning require teams.  You win or lose as a team

There must be a bond of trust keeping a team together and focused on the same vision and common purpose.  Great leaders listen, learn and then lead. Inexperienced or arrogant leaders reverse the process and then complain about the lack of  cooperation or commitment.

Listening well requires walking in a spirit of humility.  Too many leaders are talking or telling when they should be listening and learning.  You can never lead your team to where they need to be until you first understand where they are from their perspective, not yours.

How do they feel when you are with them?  Do they feel affirmed and empowered or threatened and intimidated?  Great leadership is about grace – the ability to rise above and to be anchored in true humility by always focusing first on others.

  • Great leadership is always about others – “Look what the team accomplished.”
  • Good leadership is about us – “Look what we did.”
  • Poor leadership is about me – “Look what the team helped me do.”

Great teams are made up of people equally committed to one common purpose and who understand what is critical for success.  And, leaders of great teams are passionate about using the team’s effort in bringing individual fulfillment.  There are no losers on a winning team, just as there are no superstars, including the leader.

Leadership is not blindly stumbling into tomorrow but combining confidence in your team’s past victories with the courage in going for a new win.  Do not allow past failures or the possibility of failure lurking in the unknown, cause you to hesitate and miss a great opportunity.  Learn from your mistakes and use them to help define future success.  Above all, keep moving forward.

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