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By Rev. Steve Holder



These are some after thoughts about the Apostle Peter from my message at WSYM this past week on the series “Deep End”!


After all the miracles that Peter had witnessed in the earthly ministry of Jesus, he still denied Jesus 3 times

Like Peter our faith under pressure reveals where we really stand

Peter found a place of repentance and he wept bitterly

Jesus restores Peter by finding him in Galilee fishing

Jesus instructs Peter to pray in Jerusalem until he receives the power that he will need to defend his faith and be an effective witness.

After Pentecost Peter was never the same.  We never read of Peter denying the Lord after Pentecost

Peter was filled with boldness and proclaimed the Gospel and over 8000 souls were saved in just a few days

Peter’s ministry included many miracles including raising the lame man and people were healed by his mere shadow

Peter led Cornelius, the first gentile convert to the Lord

Peter was so committed to Christ that he refused to deny Jesus again and he became a martyr by being crucified upside down

Peter exemplifies Acts 1:8 “You shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me”

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