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Create Leaders Everywhere… Not Just at the Top, Part 2

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by Dr. David Robinson



Success may be defined by leaders at the top, but successful results are always determined by team members in the field who have a leadership mindset.  Creating leaders everywhere should not be a strategy – but a way of life.  Team members who resign themselves with the attitude, “I’m just a helper or follower,” weakens any organization.

There are seven priorities for creating leaders everywhere: 

    1. You must have clarity, understanding, and saturation communication about your mission (purpose), vision (seeing the final frame of your mission), values (consensus on what’s important), and strategy (action plan everyone pursues with passion).
    2. Your values, the way (organizational culture) you want to achieve your vision, must have top priority.  You must do more than articulate your values, you must model, share, and live them every day.  At least 90% of all conflicts can be traced to a values issue.  If your articulation doesn’t match your actions, you bring confusion about what’s important and hinder creating leaders everywhere.
    3. Put leadership development on everyone’s menu.  No matter what the task you want a leader in the driver’s seat.  If you want leaders everywhere, you must have other successful leaders create them.  “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians” is only true when those who think their chiefs, are not.  Every chief was first a warrior who had “chief” on the inside of him before it was manifested during a battle.
    4. Make everyone a goal setter.  Everyone must have clarity about the overall goals and absolute clarity about how achieving their personal goals contributes to the success of the overall mission.  I have a seven-step goal-setting template to help you.  Please email me and I’ll send it to you.
    5. At some point, stop the meetings and take action.  Make your meetings count, but don’t use them as an excuse for inaction.  Your values create your operating environment.  Combine them with your goals and enable the team to take action.  Before you act with speed and creativity, make sure everyone understands the values, goals, and strategy. How do you know?
    6. Every leader needs to know what’s going on with those above them, below them, and around them.  As your action plan unfolds, everyone must know the “score,” have a good understanding how things are developing, and what they must do to improve and help the performance of their team members.
    7. All leaders must learn to stand up and speak out on what they believe and care about.  It requires courage and confidence, not just in yourself, but in others who will accept all ideas, regardless of who gives them.  This shows your team leaders you have a moral and ethical compass worthy of trust, predictable, and inspirational.

Quit recruiting volunteers, followers, helpers, and team members that do not have a leadership mindset and attitude.  I often say, “Everyone is a leader, regardless of position or title.  Everyone is either leading people closer to the vision or further from it by their attitude, communication, and behavior.”  Don’t settle for anything else than a Leader at every position.

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