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A Letter to Eve

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By Judy Engstrom

Dear Eve,

I am writing to encourage you, share some of My thoughts with you and settle a few issues concerning My plan for you.

First of all, you already know you blew it when you listened to the devil and let him deceive you.  However, I was happy to see that you immediately recognized who the real enemy was and sided against him, not blaming anyone else, particularly Me.

You learned something important that day.  By My decree you were alienated and made forever an enemy of Satan and he an enemy of you.  Because he got the upper hand and deceived you and you repented of that sin, you are sensitive to and not easily deceived.  As I told you that day, he has an intense hatred for you because he knows you easily discern him and know what he is up to.  He also hates you because he knows his demise will come through you.

I understand how you thought your firstborn would be the answer to that prophecy, not knowing My longsuffering and patience for all My children to be found and saved.  How devastating to you to see the destruction of your two sons by the seed of hate planted by the enemy.  Little did you know that I am able to take what your enemy, the devil, does and make another way, a way of escape, so to speak.

There’s something I want to clear up about that conversation we had there in the garden.  When I told you I would multiply your sorrow and conception and pain in childbirth and your turning would be toward your husband and he would rule over you, I was not cursing you.  I only cursed your enemy, the devil.  I was telling you what the results of your fall would be, not that it should be that way.  It was never My will for you to “turn to” or put anyone between you and Me or for your husband to rule over you.  Those were the results of the fall, not My plan.  My will is for you both to stand before Me in equal accountability and each of you to obey Me full-heartedly and walk shoulder to shoulder to do what I have called you to do.  Even before you were brought forth, I ordained that you would have a way to overcome the results of the fall and be able to walk in obedience and power before Me.

Now I know that the whole world has held you captive under those words, but I haven’t.  It is My desire for you to overcome through the provision I have for you and rise up to be who I have called you to be and to do My will.

My will is greater than you have dared to believe, but I am here to declare to you that it is designed for you, and you will overcome by My blood.  In the years to come there will be those who hear the cry of My Spirit, rise up and answer the call, despite overwhelming odds.  Then in the last days I will pour out My Spirit on My sons and My daughters, and they shall prophesy, dream dreams and see visions.  All My children will rise up together in great anointing and power and call to any who will listen to come to Me.  My daughters shall be restored and will rise up in great boldness.  Such agreement between My sons and My daughters with Me will put to flight all the hosts of darkness.

Even the Apostle Paul, who was so misunderstood and misquoted about his views toward women, stated clearly, “…there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”1   My truth is consistent, and one part does not contradict with another.  Search it out, My daughter, and be free to be who I have called you to be.



1Galatians 3:28

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