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Why did Jesus Come?

Posted by: In: From the Fellowship, From The President 30 Nov 2010 Comments: 0

As we look forward to the Christmas season it is good to reflect on the question, Why did Jesus come?

Did He come to bring us a new religion?
Did He come to make us better?
Did He come to give us a set of rules to live by?
Did He come to give us a better world government?
Did He come to be a great religious leader?

The Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 10 tells us why He came. “….I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

The life He came to give us is Zoe, God’s Life. We are not left down here to just live a natural life. We have the supernatural life of God dwelling on the inside of us, and if we let that life work in us by faith we will have an abundant life.

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